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Sunset Meadow Vineyards- Goshen, CT

I am kicking off my local gem section in true “Sabrina fashion” with a vineyard. I just love a good glass of red wine- and something about it being grown right here in Connecticut makes it even better.

My wine loving and awesome friend, Katie, posted a photo on Instagram of herself drinking a wine slushy a few weeks back. I immediately sent her a text asking where she was and when she was taking me there. Plans were made.

Upon arriving at Sunset Meadow Vineyards located in Goshen, CT, I was instantly greeted with gorgeous views of rows and rows and rows of grapes. This vineyard sits on 112 acres of Litchfield hills!


Katie and I headed straight to the Tasting room. It’s not a bad deal- 5 tastes for $8. We were given a menu and a dry erase marker. We got to circle the wines we wanted to try and then we were given the run down on each of our choices.


My favorite was their Twisted Red. It is a blend of Cabernet, Cabernet Franc, Lemberger & Chamborcin. I love a nice full bodied wine and this baby delivered. I also enjoyed with their Big Lab Cab. It is named after the family’s dog, Churchill,  who was rescued and now lives the high life frolicking through the vineyards. Sunset Meadow Vineyards donates a portion of the profits from every sale of this wine to a local animal shelter called “The Little Guild” in Cornwall. I get all warm and fuzzy thinking about the community bond there.

It turns out they grow 100% of their own white grapes. 95% of their own red grapes- Cabernet grapes are brought in from California because they need a longer growing season than Connecticut has to offer. 75% of their Riesling grapes are grown on site and the other quarter comes from the Ginger Lakes. Not bad, Connecticut. Not bad at all!

The tasting room also features a wall of wine purses. Yes, you read that right. PURSES THAT CONCEAL YOUR BOTTLE! Here’s Katie moonlighting as a handbag model…


After our tasting, I opted for one of those frozen wines that prompted our visit in the first place. They were offering a frozen Melita, which was my choice, and a frozen Cosmo. It was a super sunny and hot day so the icy sweetness was perfect. After that (don’t judge me, I was working), I went for that Twisted Red.

You can bring your own picnic snacks to the vineyard and Katie was on point with her meat, cheese, and cracker assortment. Almost everybody came in with a bag of snacks and I highly recommend you do the same for your visit. The vineyard is very dog friendly-they only ask that you clean up after your dog and also that he or she plays well with other pets and people. We ran into some incredibly sweet and adorable puppies that were up for adoption!


Sunset Meadow also hosts events! My five year wedding anniversary is coming up. Perhaps I’ll have to convince my husband that an anniversary party is a good idea. Such a pretty scene under the nice white tent with the wine barrels and the vineyard in the background!


If you are looking for something to do, I highly recommend that you grab a friend and spend an afternoon here. Relax, take in a deep breath as well as the scenery, and enjoy the wine. Take a stroll through the grounds. It’s a nice break from the hustle and bustle of daily life and it’s a local gem for sure. A reason to love where you live!

Check out their website here


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